Our History

Old StreetTracing its roots back to 1911, HYPOWER HYDRAULICS originally opened its doors in Turlock, CA as an ironworks shop.

As time and technology progressed and industry rapidly evolved, the company evolved with the times. By 1937, it was a fixture in the manufacturing community and thrived as a full-fledged machine works.

Our founder’s vision and dedication to quality paid off as the company continued to grow. By the early 1960s, demand for one product, in particular, led the company to further focus its energy, talents, and resources. HYPOWER HYDRAULICS was formed to keep up with demand and continue the tradition of innovation and excellence.

Main Street

Horse and Carriages

Today, those same values - quality, innovation, and excellence - live on under new ownership, bringing a new era of the finest in American manufacturing to our customers.

Contact us if you need a particular hydraulic part for your food processing business. Based in Turlock, CA, our manufacturing business offers custom-fabricated products for a wide range of industries throughout the nation.